List of FAQs- 2019-21

No. GIM does not accept exam scores from candidates. Scores are got from IIM , XLRI, AICTE.
Inform GMAC to send your GMAT score directly to GIM. Code for GIM is 6VN-62-51.

Validity: GMAT exam taken between 1st January, 2017 and 20th January 2019. Ask GMAC to send score by 11th February 2019 to GIM.
You should fill your CMAT Application Number and leave the Roll No field blank if you have not received it. For CMAT-2019-20 Roll No. is optional but may be required to process the application later on. We will send email to the applicants to update CMAT roll number in January 2019. The responsibility of submitting the CMAT roll number online is that of the student. Please NOTE, if the Institute does not receive the same before the specified date in email (to be sent in January 2019) from the applicant, the applicant’s candidature will not be considered for the short listing process through CMAT.
Mastercard and VISA card only.
First Mover: upto 30th November,2018
Early bird : upto 15th December, 2018
Achiever round application : 15th December, 2018 
For CAT : 15th December, 2018 
For XAT/GMAT/CMAT: upto 4th January, 2019
GIM charges lower application fee for early applications and higher application fees closer to the final deadline.
If you make a smart choice, you pay roughly half of what you pay if you wait till the last day.
As per ACITE norm, minimum 50% aggregate marks, (45% in case of candidates belonging to SC/ST category) in a three-year Bachelor's degree (or equivalent) recognized by the Association of Indian Universities / AICTE. Candidates who will complete all requirements for the degree by 5th June 2019 may also apply. If an applicant does not complete all the requirements of his/her degree by 5th June 2019, or does not obtain 50% aggregate marks in his/her degree, the offer of admission made to him will stand cancelled. The candidates in last year of degree should have obtained minimum 50% aggregate in the latest exam.
Admission to the Goa Institute of Management is strictly on the basis of merit and no donation in any form is sought or accepted in connection with admission.
There are no reservations for Goan candidates but for selection for the Group Discussion and Individual Interview, the qualifying cut-off score of competitive exam will be lowered by 15 points for candidates of Goan domicile/origin.
For the purpose of application under the category of persons of Goan Domicile or Origin the student must satisfy any of the following: Goan Domicile: An applicant would be considered of Goan Domicile if he/she produces a domicile certificate issued by the Goa Government or documentary proof of residence/education/ employment in Goa for a period of at least 10 years. Alternatively, an adequate proof of the domicile of any one of the parents of the students for a period of at least 15 years should be provided. Goan Origin: Either one of the following conditions must be met: An applicant or at least one of his parents or grandparents should be /have been born in Goa (documentary proof in the form of the original birth certificate has to be produced). The applicant or his parents should have a share in ancestral property in Goa which is utilized as the family's residence or business premises. Documentary proof of this must be certified by the sub divisional magistrate or the Municipality.
January 6, 2019.
GIM Interview centres - Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Chandigarh, Chennai, Cochin, Goa, Guwahati, Hyderabad, Indore, Kolkata, Mumbai, and New Delhi, Varanasi
(The allocation of the city of interview is subject to availability and is at the discretion of GIM).
The institute may offer financial support to deserving candidates, as per the details available on the website. Eligibility is based on family income of the candidate.
Family income is the total of income of both parents, candidate himself/herself and his/her brother(s) and sister(s) for financial year 2018-2019. If a brother(s)/sister(s) is married and has established a separate household, his/her income may be excluded from family income.
Income Tax Returns for all family members for financial year 2018-2019.
Yes. 18% GST is applicable.

Programme: PGDM (HCM)

Minimum 50% aggregate marks (45% in case of candidates belonging to the SC/ ST category in a three-year Bachelor's degree (or equivalent) recognized by the Association of Indian Universities/AICTE. Candidates who will complete all requirements for the degree by 5th June 2019 may also apply. The candidates in last year of degree should have obtained minimum 50% aggregate in the latest exam.
No, graduates from any background can apply for this programme.

Programme: PGDM (BDA)

The Post Graduate Diploma in Management- Big Data Analytics PGDM (BDA) is a two-year fulltime residential course.

PGDM (BDA) program is a rigorous and intensive course aimed at creating professionals with strong understanding of the fundamentals of data science, which will help them in solving complex business problems. This programme is perfectly attuned to fit the individuals with analytical mindset and quantitative orientation. The courses taught in this program will have a unique element of hands-on training and continuous industry interface to give you a realistic feel.

Freshers can apply. There is no mandatory minimum experience. The experience will be given weightage in evaluation, as per policy of the institute.

Yes, the students will be required to do an internship-based project of six months on a hands-on analytics experience at a business organization.
The graduating students will have access to campus placement facilities, similar to all other full time programmes.


Achiever's Round: A limited number of candidates will be interviewed in Goa in January 2019. They will be shortlisted based on profile and achievements filled in application form. This is called Achiever's Round.

Regular Round: Everyone else will be shortlisted based on XAT/CAT/GMAT/CMAT score and interviewed in February/March 2019 beginning at chosen interview centre. This is called Regular round.

  1. GIM wants to have a more rigorous selection process to offer scholarships.
  2. Would like students to "experience" GIM and offer this opportunity to selected few.
  1. To explore GIM and form your opinion.
  2. To win a 4 lakh scholarship.
  3. To enhance chances for getting into Exchange programme/ JIIS.


  • National Hockey player.
  • No. 2 in University Degree Course.
  • Topper of school in 12th
  • 20th in State Board in 10th.
  • District Level Volleyball Player.
  • Held solo exhibition of Photographs.
  • Employee of the year
  • Star performer in last appraisal.
At least one achievement is required, upto three can be filled in the form.
All Achievement's should have documents to support and the documents should be available at the time of interview and joining the Institute.
Achiever's round will be conducted without knowing XAT/CAT/GMAT/CMAT scores. The scores will be incorporated in process later on.
CAT/CAT/GMAT/CMAT scores are very much part of evaluation and a candidate with unacceptable score will not get admission, even though (s) he may have been called for Achiever's round.